The first misc post!

Hey’aall, I’m so glad I didn’t write this yesterday as I had planned, I was majorly pissed off. So what happened was I was at Lily’s house for the whole day, watching Doctor Who,  Torchwood, Jarhead, eating pizza, you know, geeky shit. And myself and my brother had arranged that he’d pick me up on his way home from work. Well it got to around 6.30PM and me and Lily were like where is he? so I called him and he was at Hannah’s place (his gf), having completely forgotten about me. That wasn’t great but I wouldn’t have been too pissed off if he’d apologised etc, but all through the phonecall whilst I was getting more and more pissed off he was just saying like “Well I’m at Hannah’s now, find your own way home” etc, and that made me proper angry so I hung up on him.

Having read that back I sound stupid, like an American teen. Like, Ya’know, Yeahh, Alright. But the point is that I hardly ever get angry so I was surprised that that had made me so angry, and it must’ve made Lily feel uncomfortable and it meant that her mum had to give me a lift home instead, so I felt guilty and angry and quite tired, which is nothing new. There, just needed to get it out of my system. It just felt to me like Gareth thought Hannah was more important than me, which is a spoilt thing to say but I should be more important, surely. I’m his little sister, and they’ve been going out 4 months or so, so it felt like I’d been replaced. Eww, not like that, just that we used to be really close and now since Hannah it’s like he can’t be arsed with me anymore.

I sound like such a child. BTW I know that this must all sound like teenage ramblings, which it is, but that’s because I just write more or less what I think, there is no planning. So moving swiftly on…

I don’t really know what we’re meant to be doing with these misc posts, are they what we’ve been up to, or what we think about certain stuff, or what? I don’t care, I’ll write whatever. Such as this…

For the past… I don’t know how long, 3 months? I haven’t had a proper crush on a guy, and I don’t like this. I like fancying someone! And being obsessive and stalkerish! It is fuuuun! I just have tiny unsubstantial crushes which are nothing and it makes me feel pooey 😦

Also me and Jas helped paint a mural at the nursery section of our primary school on Wednesday and Thursday, and it’s pretty good! They were jungle animals and me and Jas did the parrots on the doors, as well as most other stuff, but predominantly the parrots ❤ and on Thursday after we finished Mrs Sutton (my art teacher) took me and Verity (my little sister) for lunch, which was lovely!

Yeah I think I’ll stop wittering on now, this has got gradually more and more boring, so bwyy!

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