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Right, here is the dismal post I told you would appear.

For my AS levels I got:

Sociology: U

Eng. Lit: E

Art: D


So there we are; I’m stupid, lazy, self centred, unacademic, thick, dumb, everything else. I wasn’t expecting it to be great but I thought I’d get maybe a C in Art and English, jesus christ I fucked up. The thing is I’m only this annoyed cuz I’ve disappointed my mum and now she doesn’t like me, I don’t care about school at all. All last year I had no interest in any of my subjects, even Art, and I still don’t because I’ve realised that I don’t want this education, so I can go on to be educated more at uni and then work for most of my life. How can I try for good marks when that’s all there is? How the fuck does that inspire me to work hard? I can’t work hard for something I don’t want can I? I mean I want money, I want to be rich, but to me living comfortably for the price of being perpetually bored isn’t OK with me, I want to be happy and interested AND rich, but how’s that going to happen? Fucking hell. I know I’m just feeling sorry for myself but it helps cuz for the most part people don’t know I feel like this, it’s shit. I want to try and be good and get good marks but I can’t make myself 😦

Also Rhys is pissed off with me, so while I’m here I think I’ll just ask why? What have I done? As far as I know all I did was ask you to come down to Midhurst so we could get our results and cuz I wanted to see you, so as far as I can tell you’re pissed off because I asked you to wake up at a decent time. Sorry Rhys, but that’s not good enough. If it’s that much of a big deal then… I don’t know. It’s stupid, get over it.



My Earliest Memory

Right, before I properly start I need to clarify that 1. there may be typos cuz 2. I’m on Verity’s laptop, mine is crawling in viruses and won’t work, hence why I didn’t post on misc- SORRY ALL.

I know almost exactly the date of my first memory – 9/10.08.95, because it was the night Verity was born. I was 2 years and 11 months old, and Gareth and me were staying with my aunt and uncle and numerous cousins. I say numerous, I mean 4. Anyway, I was in a cot, which pissed me off cuz at home I was in a proper bed, and Gareth was asleep on the other side of the room we were in. My aunty had turned the light off so I started crying, I was scared of the dark until I was 12-ish. So my aunty came in and brought me into the living room to watch TV with herself and my uncle, who I didn’t like cuz he has a weird face. HE DOES. My aunt tries to sit me with him so I scream until she puts me on her lap. FIN. Oh, and I was wearing my favourite pyjamas, so win for me.

There were too many “and”s in that paragraph, I don’t care though 😀

Tomorrow myself and my fellow ‘geeks get our AS-level results, so expect an appropriately dismal post from me in the next couple of days. Oh and it’s Gareth’s 21st on Friday, happy birthday Tudes XD

See Jas and Rhys tomorrow, and Lily on Sunday when WE GO TO WALES! Bye xx


I’m chosing the next theme, which is your earliest memory, so Jas, Lily and Rhys write and describe them ok? I forgot how to edit my post 😦

Oh, it says edit next to leave a comment, damn.

Oh yeah, Jas is on holiday next week.


Favourite Youtubers

When Jas set this as the theme for this week I was initially thrilled. I LOVE YOUTUBE. But since that post I’ve subscribed to like 3 new YTers and it’s made the decision harder. First of all, as correctly guessed by Jas is:

CHARLIEISSOCOOLLIKE: His real name is Charlie McDonnell and he’s #1 subscribed of all time, #1 subscribed directors and #1 subscribed partners. Basically, I’m not the only one who appreciates his awesome. Though when I think about it, I’m not sure why he’s so cool(like)… he’s cute, he’s a geek, he writes songs about Doctor Who… these all help but anyone could do that, he’s just BLARG amazing. And funny. And has a nice accent. I’m such a fangirl, I’ll shut up and move on to my next YTer.

NERIMON: He’s actually called Alex Day, and he’s Charlie’s best mate. I don’t like the name Nerimon to be honest, it sounds like moribund which means on the verge of becoming obsolete, which is always cheerful. But Alex himself is awesome, he’s funny, also quite cute (even though he has a lightbulb head hahaha) and reads Twilight in a satirical way which I find hilaaahrious, and he’ sweet… shut up fangirl and move on.

This one has been the most difficult, I flipped a coin between the VlogBrothers and Shane Dawson and it landed on…

VLOGBROTHERS: (They were tails, in case you wanted to know, weirdos) I only became acquainted with them after I joined Nerdfighters ( which they set up, which is like Facebook for nerds. JOIN. But anyway, the VlogBrothers are the brothers Green, John and Hank. John’s an author of such books as Paper Towns, An Abundance Of Katherines and Looking For Alaska (Lily likes them, I want them) and Hank’s something to do with the environment. They’re funny, nerdy, and I have the biggest geek crush on John Green… ahhhh.

Shane Dawson, Chris Crocker, Neil Cicierega, Desandnate, Barats and Bereta, LittleRadge, SxePhil, Meekakitty and DaveDays all deserve a mention. AND MURK PRODUCTIONS FOR THE LOLZ.

I’m made of awesome.

I await the next video, which will be a challenge for Lily as we like more or less exactly the same YTers, so Lily, AMAZE ME.

As always, lav ya xx

The first misc post!

Hey’aall, I’m so glad I didn’t write this yesterday as I had planned, I was majorly pissed off. So what happened was I was at Lily’s house for the whole day, watching Doctor Who,  Torchwood, Jarhead, eating pizza, you know, geeky shit. And myself and my brother had arranged that he’d pick me up on his way home from work. Well it got to around 6.30PM and me and Lily were like where is he? so I called him and he was at Hannah’s place (his gf), having completely forgotten about me. That wasn’t great but I wouldn’t have been too pissed off if he’d apologised etc, but all through the phonecall whilst I was getting more and more pissed off he was just saying like “Well I’m at Hannah’s now, find your own way home” etc, and that made me proper angry so I hung up on him.

Having read that back I sound stupid, like an American teen. Like, Ya’know, Yeahh, Alright. But the point is that I hardly ever get angry so I was surprised that that had made me so angry, and it must’ve made Lily feel uncomfortable and it meant that her mum had to give me a lift home instead, so I felt guilty and angry and quite tired, which is nothing new. There, just needed to get it out of my system. It just felt to me like Gareth thought Hannah was more important than me, which is a spoilt thing to say but I should be more important, surely. I’m his little sister, and they’ve been going out 4 months or so, so it felt like I’d been replaced. Eww, not like that, just that we used to be really close and now since Hannah it’s like he can’t be arsed with me anymore.

I sound like such a child. BTW I know that this must all sound like teenage ramblings, which it is, but that’s because I just write more or less what I think, there is no planning. So moving swiftly on…

I don’t really know what we’re meant to be doing with these misc posts, are they what we’ve been up to, or what we think about certain stuff, or what? I don’t care, I’ll write whatever. Such as this…

For the past… I don’t know how long, 3 months? I haven’t had a proper crush on a guy, and I don’t like this. I like fancying someone! And being obsessive and stalkerish! It is fuuuun! I just have tiny unsubstantial crushes which are nothing and it makes me feel pooey 😦

Also me and Jas helped paint a mural at the nursery section of our primary school on Wednesday and Thursday, and it’s pretty good! They were jungle animals and me and Jas did the parrots on the doors, as well as most other stuff, but predominantly the parrots ❤ and on Thursday after we finished Mrs Sutton (my art teacher) took me and Verity (my little sister) for lunch, which was lovely!

Yeah I think I’ll stop wittering on now, this has got gradually more and more boring, so bwyy!

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Wednesday: People who influence me

Right, after reading both Lily and Jas’ posts on this theme, I’ve decided that I’m no way near as… deep as them. I don’t have many influences, only really people I know.

Firstly there’s obviously my family; Mum, Dad, Kirstie, Gareth, Verity, Vic etc. They’re all awesome, I can’t say how they influence me to be honest… it’s too obvious! In good ways and bad I suppose. For example, Kirstie, though she hasn’t lived with me since I was 3 influences me because my Mum always compares me to her (through no fault of her own). I’m job-hunting currently, and I was having a mini-crisis at school so Mum’s come out with crackers such as “Kirstie has done really well”, “Kirstie went to Uni”, and the ever-effective “Kirstie got her first job at 14, what’s your excuse”. So yeah, that’s a big influence. Gareth’s a massive influence, especially on my taste in music. I remember before I started taking notice of the music Gareth was listening to I listened to Kelis, Usher, all kinds of shit, and then suddenly due to Gareth I was into Sum 41, Good Charlotte, Taking Back Sunday etc, which has lead to what I like now. So a big thanks to him for saving me from liking JLS etc… *shudder*

Another influence is surprisingly my art teacher! Mrs Sutton is hard to please and critical, and that’s exactly what I need with my work, so she pushes me to work harder… usually. Last year I was an absolute shit, but partly cuz of her next year I’ll work harder cuz she knows I can! She also listens to all my ideas and helps with them… ahh I’m rambling, I’m actually very tired 😦 and aware that this entire paragraph makes it sound like I have a massive lesbian crush on Mrs Sutton, which is definitely not the case, so here’s some girly guy talk – OMG DAVID TENNANT IS SO GORGEOUS EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM OMFG HIS HAIR HIS EYES HIS ENTIRE SKINNY LITTLE CUTEY FRAME IS JUST FULL OF GORGEOUSNESS *explode*

Ahh that was weird, lets wrap this up dudes.

Finally and probably most obviously, there are my cohorts. Friends. I have 4 best friends: Jas, Lily, Rhys and a mysterious being known as Hannah. Hannah lives in monkey puzzle trees and survives on slush puppies and subway foot-longs. Anyway, I need to stop writing like a douche. I’ve been friends with Jas since I was 3 at nursery school, and since then we’ve been through being members of a “Bad Girls Club”… yeah I’m not explaining that, strife in the Intermediate school due to a bitch named Bethan 😦 and finally growing up and loving Doctor Who and boys, so she is my sister from another mister, ya get me. Now lets gush about Lily. Lily has like the same sense of humour as me, and she pulls excellent faces and likes to dye her hair which is always nice. (Really I’m only friends with her because 2 hot brothers live over the road from her… ;D) but yeah. We became friends when I started stalking her in Year 9, then offended her liking for James Morrison, both things set the tone for our relationship really, we’re still like that. I follow her without her knowing then take the piss out of her… but I love her lots really. Now Rhysiepoo, who adopted me as his daughter at the beginning of 6th Form. We were in the same Graphics class in Year 11, but obviously I didn’t tap into his awesome (innuendo much?) so I didn’t really talk to him, but now I do! We have a shared love for all things camp, because camp people are hilarious. We share the love, he is my father. Now the elusive Hannah. We’ve been besties since Year 6, and she was in a wheelchair cuz she had poorly feet 😦 but we’re still buddies now! In fact she’s my brother’s girlfriend, as of 4 months ago (kudos to me for introducing them XD) but she’s kind of like an older sister/mum, which is weird cuz I’m 3 months older than her, but she’s always there to talk through my problems with and vice versa, so I love her 🙂

Enough of this love crap, I’ll say it this last time: I love everyone listed. Except Mrs Sutton, that’d be awkward.


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