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Tuesday, My Earliest Memory

My earliest memory must have been when I was around 2 years old. My mum can’t beleive I can remember it but I can really clearly!

Me mum and dad went on holiday to Dorset (I think) and where staying in a caravan holiday park. I remember seeing all the caravans and a big green field. But, here’s the bit I remember the most, in the middle of the field was a childs playpark. The playpark was…. Shaped like dinosaurs! Ahh! Like the slide was a massive brachiasaurous type thing. Well I thought it was massive but there is every chance it was tiny! I remember that playpark so much it’s weird!!

Then I went swimming… And that’s all I remember. It’s a hazy memory, but that little dinosaur playpark will always have a place in my heart… Sigh.


Tuesday: My Favourite YT People

Okay so I realise that this is my 3rd post in a row, mostly though because other people havent posted stuff. Also I am ill and cant think properly and have had a pretty lousy day so this may not make any sense. So my top youtube people… I’m not really one for scouring Youtube looking for funny people, put every now and again something comes up which I love XD

The only video blog I follow al the time is Miranda sings. Either mirandavlogz or mirandasings08. Basically Miranda Sings is a character invented by Colleen Ballinger who is an american actress and comedian who I love! In real life she has an incredible voice and sounds so lovely and down to earth, but she has an alter ego youtube character who cracks me up.  It’s really funny because loads of people seeing her video for the first time don’t ‘get’ her and think shes just another youtube wannabe with scary lips and eyebrows so loads of the comments are really mean. But In the words of Miranda, HATERS BACK OFF.

Skip that video til 2:40 XD

Umh another person would be Doglover because she makes me laugh aswell. But I suppose I’m kinda laughing AT her rather than with her… For example when she does her music video to Metro Station she think ‘thinking of ways to get inside’ means trying to break into the house… ahahaha…. Thats to ger video, embedding was disabled.

Anddd as for a third person, There are many, mostly charlie mcdonnel but ill leave that to elli!

Tuesday: People Who Inspire Me

There are many people who have had a big impact on me and who have made me look at my life in a different way.

J K Rowling transformed her life by having a single creative idea and putting her life into making it a success. So, it is quite obvious why she inspires me, and I think this is the way to go about things. Why let good things die because you don’t have the nerve to pursue it or don’t have the confidence in yourself to make it a success?? J K has proved that alls you need is yourself and what you love to do.

A group of people which inspire me is all my coaches in singing, dance and acting, especially Michael Woudstra who has always had faith in me. Without these coaches I think I would have given up on any kind of acting or performing years ago. They inspire me not only with their talent and skills but also with their patience, determination and belief in making anything possible.

Recently, (why only recently I have no idea) I have also realised how much I depend on people around me, and how much people are different. When you meet someone who is genuine, kind and fun you know you have met someone very special, and all these people help to make me who I am, and show me who I want to be. I love all my friends to pieces and have learnt to cut out mean people who are not worth it. I love you all 🙂

Others who inspire me:

Kerry Ellis, Alex Kingston, Ellen Page, Sandra Bullock, Steven Moffat

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