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Organisation, Wales and Ebay

This is my uncategorised blog post 🙂

I am rubbish at organisation, I like to think I’m good at it. But I am a shambles. Attempting to organise a party type shindig, it’s taken me so long to getting round to sending out invite on Facebook, texting people, getting the playlist, etc. I just hope it won’t be a shambles. Will update and add pictures once it’s occurred ;D

In other news, I’m super stoked to be going to Wales tomorrow. The rents and Elli (for a cultural experience) are going to see our friends who live in Abergavenny, and we haven’t seen them for over a year so should be epic and reminiscent. Gutted my brother can’t come though, really wanted to see him. Elli has never been to Wales so I’m hoping this won’t let her down haha.

…..I have also become addicted to ebay. It’s quite embarrassing actually, I’m just buying random shit for 99p 🙂 found a loooovely dress that if I win, would be delish to wear to the party. I’m so stereotypical, I’m a girl talking about clothes and shopping. I promise the next post will be slightly more intellectual.



Right, here is the dismal post I told you would appear.

For my AS levels I got:

Sociology: U

Eng. Lit: E

Art: D


So there we are; I’m stupid, lazy, self centred, unacademic, thick, dumb, everything else. I wasn’t expecting it to be great but I thought I’d get maybe a C in Art and English, jesus christ I fucked up. The thing is I’m only this annoyed cuz I’ve disappointed my mum and now she doesn’t like me, I don’t care about school at all. All last year I had no interest in any of my subjects, even Art, and I still don’t because I’ve realised that I don’t want this education, so I can go on to be educated more at uni and then work for most of my life. How can I try for good marks when that’s all there is? How the fuck does that inspire me to work hard? I can’t work hard for something I don’t want can I? I mean I want money, I want to be rich, but to me living comfortably for the price of being perpetually bored isn’t OK with me, I want to be happy and interested AND rich, but how’s that going to happen? Fucking hell. I know I’m just feeling sorry for myself but it helps cuz for the most part people don’t know I feel like this, it’s shit. I want to try and be good and get good marks but I can’t make myself 😦

Also Rhys is pissed off with me, so while I’m here I think I’ll just ask why? What have I done? As far as I know all I did was ask you to come down to Midhurst so we could get our results and cuz I wanted to see you, so as far as I can tell you’re pissed off because I asked you to wake up at a decent time. Sorry Rhys, but that’s not good enough. If it’s that much of a big deal then… I don’t know. It’s stupid, get over it.


The Lost Cat

Ok so this is written on my phone so it might have a few typos!

Round the town where I live there are posters for a missing stuffed animal that looks like a cat. Today I was with my nan doing a job for her in town when:

Nan: well that’s not a good picture of the cat!
Me: it’s a stuffed animal…
Nan: awh poor pussy I hate it when animals go missing!
Me:…… Ok…

Just…. Made me giggle. Also I bought The Complete Works of Shakespeare for £1.50 today. I feel like the savage from Brave New World XD

Now off to the beach for a week with mumsy! Byyyyee!!

Tuesday: My Favourite YT People

Okay so I realise that this is my 3rd post in a row, mostly though because other people havent posted stuff. Also I am ill and cant think properly and have had a pretty lousy day so this may not make any sense. So my top youtube people… I’m not really one for scouring Youtube looking for funny people, put every now and again something comes up which I love XD

The only video blog I follow al the time is Miranda sings. Either mirandavlogz or mirandasings08. Basically Miranda Sings is a character invented by Colleen Ballinger who is an american actress and comedian who I love! In real life she has an incredible voice and sounds so lovely and down to earth, but she has an alter ego youtube character who cracks me up.  It’s really funny because loads of people seeing her video for the first time don’t ‘get’ her and think shes just another youtube wannabe with scary lips and eyebrows so loads of the comments are really mean. But In the words of Miranda, HATERS BACK OFF.

Skip that video til 2:40 XD

Umh another person would be Doglover because she makes me laugh aswell. But I suppose I’m kinda laughing AT her rather than with her… For example when she does her music video to Metro Station she think ‘thinking of ways to get inside’ means trying to break into the house… ahahaha…. Thats to ger video, embedding was disabled.

Anddd as for a third person, There are many, mostly charlie mcdonnel but ill leave that to elli!

Hallucinogenic Lipstick

River How incredibly awesome would it be to have some Hallucinogenic Lipstick? So all you have to do it kiss someone on the lips and they see and believe exactly what you want them too? Mannn I could think of a lot of people I would seduce with it. Mainly along the lines of David Tennant. River Song you lucky human being. OR IS SHE??!!?!? Hmm… Lets hope its nothing really shit like she’s a cousin of the Slitheen in disguise or something… cos that would REALLY suck and  I would be extremely dissapointed. I would like to say now, I REALLY hope that the christmas episode is River’s first meeting with The Doctor because that would just be epic…

Anyway, on meeting the wonderful Elli in Budgens today (yes….we were both reapplying for our jobs back there) I think I told her I would write something about icecream. SO. At the moment I am ill with Bronchitis (ugh) so I have been eating Ben and Jerry’s icecream and watching The Sarah Jane Adventures for the past few days, but onto that later. I have never been a massive fan of icecream, but PHISH FOOD OMGZ. I had it a few years ago, and completely forgot about its utter deliciousness. Chocolate icecream with lots or marshmallow and caramel in it complete with little chocolate fishies… mmmh… It’s nice buy it. Half price from Budgens 😉 aha. THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES IS AMAZING. Before the last few days I kind of dismissed it. Sarah Jane wasnt my favourite at all from the Doctor Who episodes in Series 2 and Series 4 she was in, but i accidentally stumbled across it on TV and now I am addicted. So far I have watched all of series 3. ITS SO AMAZING. It’s like Doctor who but with Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane) instead…dgjponwpgnjwr. Its really scary aswell. Ok, a bit kiddish, but who cares I love it. It is most defitinely enough to keep Doctor Wh0 fans going until Christmas! Soooo yeah, next week I’m staying at a nearby beach place with my mummy ❤ and the week after I’m off to Croatia with my father! AHH!! It will be good :)!!

OH I almost forgot… I’m supposing that the theme each week we are are going by the same order as writers.. So seeing as Lily chose the last one, I do the next one?? Well if that is the case, then this week I choose this: Pick your top 3 people of youtube, link and embed some videos and explain why you love them so much. GO! And Lily i know your in France…but FORFEIT if  you don’t do it! aha xx