I’m chosing the next theme, which is your earliest memory, so Jas, Lily and Rhys write and describe them ok? I forgot how to edit my post ūüė¶

Oh, it says edit next to leave a comment, damn.

Oh yeah, Jas is on holiday next week.



Favourite Youtubers

When Jas set this as the theme for this week I was initially thrilled. I LOVE YOUTUBE. But since that post I’ve subscribed to like 3 new YTers and it’s made the decision harder. First of all, as correctly guessed by Jas is:

CHARLIEISSOCOOLLIKE: His real name is Charlie McDonnell and he’s #1 subscribed of all time, #1 subscribed directors and #1 subscribed partners. Basically, I’m not the only one who appreciates his awesome. Though when I think about it, I’m not sure why he’s so cool(like)… he’s cute, he’s a geek, he writes songs about Doctor Who… these all help but anyone could do that, he’s just BLARG amazing. And funny. And has a nice accent. I’m such a fangirl, I’ll shut up and move on to my next YTer.


NERIMON: He’s actually called Alex Day, and he’s Charlie’s best mate. I don’t like the name Nerimon to be honest, it sounds like moribund which means on the verge of becoming¬†obsolete, which is always cheerful. But Alex himself is awesome, he’s funny, also quite cute (even though he has a lightbulb head hahaha) and reads Twilight in a satirical way which I find hilaaahrious, and he’ sweet… shut up fangirl and move on.


This one has been the most difficult, I flipped a coin between the VlogBrothers and Shane Dawson and it landed on…

VLOGBROTHERS: (They were tails, in case you wanted to know, weirdos) I only became¬†acquainted with them after I joined Nerdfighters (http://nerdfighters.ning.com/) which they set up, which is like Facebook for nerds. JOIN. But anyway, the VlogBrothers are the brothers Green, John and Hank. John’s an author of such books as Paper Towns, An Abundance Of Katherines and Looking For Alaska (Lily likes them, I want them) and Hank’s something to do with the environment. They’re funny, nerdy, and I have the biggest geek crush on John Green… ahhhh.


Shane Dawson, Chris Crocker, Neil Cicierega, Desandnate, Barats and Bereta, LittleRadge, SxePhil, Meekakitty and DaveDays all deserve a mention. AND MURK PRODUCTIONS FOR THE LOLZ.

I’m made of awesome.

I await the next video, which will be a challenge for Lily as we like more or less exactly the same YTers, so Lily, AMAZE ME.

As always, lav ya xx

Tuesday: My Favourite YT People

Okay so I realise that this is my 3rd post in a row, mostly though because other people havent posted stuff. Also I am ill and cant think properly and have had a pretty lousy day so this may not make any sense. So my top youtube people… I’m not really one for scouring Youtube looking for funny people, put every now and again something comes up which I love XD

The only video blog I follow al the time is Miranda sings. Either mirandavlogz or mirandasings08. Basically Miranda Sings is a character invented by Colleen Ballinger who is an american actress and comedian who I love! In real life she has an incredible voice and sounds so lovely and down to earth, but she has an alter ego youtube character who cracks me up. ¬†It’s really funny because loads of people seeing her video for the first time don’t ‘get’ her and think shes just another youtube wannabe with scary lips and eyebrows so loads of the comments are really mean. But In the words of Miranda, HATERS BACK OFF.

Skip that video til 2:40 XD

Umh another person would be Doglover because she makes me laugh aswell. But I suppose I’m kinda laughing AT her rather than with her… For example when she does her music video to Metro Station she think ‘thinking of ways to get inside’ means trying to break into the house… ahahaha….

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEtP9zQAOI4&feature=channel Thats to ger video, embedding was disabled.

Anddd as for a third person, There are many, mostly charlie mcdonnel but ill leave that to elli!

Hallucinogenic Lipstick

River How incredibly awesome would it be to have some Hallucinogenic Lipstick? So all you have to do it kiss someone on the lips and they see and believe exactly what you want them too? Mannn I could think of a lot of people I would seduce with it. Mainly along the lines of David Tennant. River Song you lucky human being. OR IS SHE??!!?!? Hmm… Lets hope its nothing really shit like she’s a cousin of the Slitheen in disguise or something… cos that would REALLY suck and ¬†I would be extremely dissapointed. I would like to say now, I REALLY hope that the christmas episode is River’s first meeting with The Doctor because that would just be epic…

Anyway, on meeting the wonderful Elli in Budgens today (yes….we were both reapplying for our jobs back there) I think I told her I would write something about icecream. SO. At the moment I am ill with Bronchitis (ugh) so I have been eating Ben and Jerry’s icecream and watching The Sarah Jane Adventures for the past few days, but onto that later. I have never been a massive fan of icecream, but PHISH FOOD OMGZ. I had it a few years ago, and completely forgot about its utter deliciousness. Chocolate icecream with lots or marshmallow and caramel in it complete with little chocolate fishies… mmmh… It’s nice buy it. Half price from Budgens ūüėČ aha. THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES IS AMAZING. Before the last few days I kind of dismissed it. Sarah Jane wasnt my favourite at all from the Doctor Who episodes in Series 2 and Series 4 she was in, but i accidentally stumbled across it on TV and now I am addicted. So far I have watched all of series 3. ITS SO AMAZING. It’s like Doctor who but with Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane) instead…dgjponwpgnjwr. Its really scary aswell. Ok, a bit kiddish, but who cares I love it. It is most defitinely enough to keep Doctor Wh0 fans going until Christmas! Soooo yeah, next week I’m staying at a nearby beach place with my mummy ‚̧ and the week after I’m off to Croatia with my father! AHH!! It will be good :)!!

OH I almost forgot… I’m supposing that the theme each week we are are going by the same order as writers.. So seeing as Lily chose the last one, I do the next one?? Well if that is the case, then this week I choose this: Pick your top 3 people of youtube, link and embed some videos and explain why you love them so much. GO! And Lily i know your in France…but¬†FORFEIT¬†if ¬†you don’t do it! aha xx


All-star Government

I can’t help but notice that in my lifetime, politicians¬†have been¬†known to be ruffians and scallywags.

This isn’t exactly good for PR (public relations to the working man). I personally struggle to trust liars to even¬†give me the right change at Tesco, let alone to run my country. The solution’s simple, right? Purge our government of such people and get back to the good old days of honest politics. The crippling factor here is that that’s clearly a crock of rubbish, there never was such a time. A good number of people in our House of Lords have managed to buy their way in rather than earn it, and it’s only natural for politicians to abuse their power. I’m not advocating it, it’s just like ‘spotting’ weapons of mass destruction in countries that are brimming with oil-it will happen. And I’m not here to make a political point as such, just rather with an idea for politicians to use.

Tony Blair managed to side with George Bush, one of the most hated presidents in the last hundred years, on a number of issues and made a great number of mistakes, but doesn’t have anything like as bad a reputation that his replacement Gordon Brown had, who managed to make significant progress to buying us time to staving off a recession. The Europeans even wanted Blair to be president of the European Union! They eat up anything he has to say. Why? Why, a trusty doctor of course. Not the sort that’s keeping Vanessa Feltz alive, or the even more annoying kind that’s had half of the Osbourne family inheritance just to keep Sharon’s so full of plastic that it’s unmovable, and her boobs… well, you could probably break your knuckles on those. A good old spin doctor, Mr Alistair Campbell. The dark hand that loomed over Tony’s shoulder was more officially known as ‘Director of Communications and Strategy’, while he was more publicly known as a sh*t-stirrer. The point is, it doesn’t matter how slimy you are, so long as you know how you should come across to the public, you’ll be in.

So here’s my proposal. Much how most guys my age make a fantasy football team, I want to make my own fantasy political party, based on keeping the wool over the public’s eyes while we empty the Bank of England into our pockets. It’s a balance of efficiency,¬†personal amusement, while being entirely celebrities so that the public can ‘identify’ with them.¬†As leader of the cabinet, I’d endeavour to always be in costume like the time I dressed as Top Cat. The idea behind this is that it’d cheer the country up, subconsciously linking me to good times, and of course in terms of foreign affairs, nobody would try to stop Top Cat. He has a purple fedora and a cane, for God sake. As Deputy Prime Minister, I would employ Fidel Castro, on the logic that nobody would get rid of me if he’s the alternative. As Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, I would have Prince Charles, because somebody as clinically racist as him would only want to strike a deal if it really worked in my favour, and it’d amuse me to get as many foreign leaders back-handed by the Duke of Edinburgh as possible (only for my amusement, mind). Chancellor of the Exchequer would go to Deborah Meaden, well known as the one who never invests from Dragons’ Den on the logic that if anyone can make the most essential cuts and still be millions of pounds in the black, it’ll be her. From here, it’ll look like this

Defence Secretary: Mr T.
Work and Pensions secretary: Michael Caine
Health Secretary: Brian Blessed
Education Secretary: Stephen Hawking
Transport Secretary: Jeremy Clarkson
Attorney General: Alan Rickman
Leader of the House of Commons: Danny Dyer
Minister for Cabinet Office: Reginald D. Hunter

Now, my options here may seem… interesting, but having established the paramount crucial jobs in a quasi-official way, I am giving these jobs to people who, in some way or another, are difficult to dispute. On top of all having either humorous or epic voices which are difficult to question, or intimidating ones that you wouldn’t dare question, some of them have other things that could help. Stephen Hawking, as a highly reputable physicist, Mr T and Danny Dyer as people who could snap your neck like a twiglet, Blessed and Clarkson could shout you into submission, Reginald D. Hunter can easily get someone into the public eye as a filthy racist, and finally, Alan Rickman and Michael Caine could seduce and sedate you with their voices.

No I haven’t particularly thought this through (surely anything that puts Mr T and¬†Brian Blessed¬†in power can’t be), but the fact that you secretly want my all-star government is proof that the system works. It’s all about how you come across, not what you do, and I personally think Britain wants to be on any side that has Danny Dyer hosting an argument between Deborah Meaden, Fidel Castro and Jeremy Clarkson.

As a closing thought, as I see an advert for Gavin and Stacey DVDs, I’ve decided that James Corden is just Brian Blessed on helium. Check the laughs, you’ll see what I mean.

The first misc post!

Hey’aall, I’m so glad I didn’t write this yesterday as I had planned, I was majorly pissed off. So what happened was I was at Lily’s house for the whole day, watching Doctor Who, ¬†Torchwood, Jarhead, eating pizza, you know, geeky shit. And myself and my brother had arranged that he’d pick me up on his way home from work. Well it got to around 6.30PM and me and Lily were like where is he? so I called him and he was at Hannah’s place (his gf), having completely forgotten about me. That wasn’t great but I wouldn’t have been too pissed off if he’d apologised etc, but all through the phonecall whilst I was getting more and more pissed off he was just saying like “Well I’m at Hannah’s now, find your own way home” etc, and that made me proper angry so I hung up on him.

Having read that back I sound stupid, like an American teen. Like, Ya’know, Yeahh, Alright. But the point is that I hardly ever get angry so I was surprised that that had made me so angry, and it must’ve made Lily feel uncomfortable and it meant that her mum had to give me a lift home instead, so I felt guilty and angry and quite tired, which is nothing new. There, just needed to get it out of my system. It just felt to me like Gareth thought Hannah was more important than me, which is a spoilt thing to say but I should be more important, surely. I’m his little sister, and they’ve been going out 4 months or so, so it felt like I’d been replaced. Eww, not like that, just that we used to be really close and now since Hannah it’s like he can’t be arsed with me anymore.

I sound like such a child. BTW I know that this must all sound like teenage ramblings, which it is, but that’s because I just write more or less what I think, there is no planning. So moving swiftly on…

I don’t really know what we’re meant to be doing with these misc posts, are they what we’ve been up to, or what we think about certain stuff, or what? I don’t care, I’ll write whatever. Such as this…

For the past… I don’t know how long, 3 months? I haven’t had a proper crush on a guy, and I don’t like this. I like fancying someone! And being obsessive and stalkerish! It is fuuuun! I just have tiny¬†unsubstantial crushes which are nothing and it makes me feel pooey¬†ūüė¶

Also me and Jas helped paint a mural at the nursery section of our primary school on Wednesday and Thursday, and it’s pretty good! They were jungle animals and me and Jas did the parrots on the doors, as well as most other stuff, but predominantly the parrots ‚̧ and on Thursday after we finished Mrs Sutton (my art teacher) took me and Verity (my little sister) for lunch, which was lovely!

Yeah I think I’ll stop wittering on now, this has got gradually more and more boring, so bwyy!

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