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Hallucinogenic Lipstick

River How incredibly awesome would it be to have some Hallucinogenic Lipstick? So all you have to do it kiss someone on the lips and they see and believe exactly what you want them too? Mannn I could think of a lot of people I would seduce with it. Mainly along the lines of David Tennant. River Song you lucky human being. OR IS SHE??!!?!? Hmm… Lets hope its nothing really shit like she’s a cousin of the Slitheen in disguise or something… cos that would REALLY suck and  I would be extremely dissapointed. I would like to say now, I REALLY hope that the christmas episode is River’s first meeting with The Doctor because that would just be epic…

Anyway, on meeting the wonderful Elli in Budgens today (yes….we were both reapplying for our jobs back there) I think I told her I would write something about icecream. SO. At the moment I am ill with Bronchitis (ugh) so I have been eating Ben and Jerry’s icecream and watching The Sarah Jane Adventures for the past few days, but onto that later. I have never been a massive fan of icecream, but PHISH FOOD OMGZ. I had it a few years ago, and completely forgot about its utter deliciousness. Chocolate icecream with lots or marshmallow and caramel in it complete with little chocolate fishies… mmmh… It’s nice buy it. Half price from Budgens 😉 aha. THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES IS AMAZING. Before the last few days I kind of dismissed it. Sarah Jane wasnt my favourite at all from the Doctor Who episodes in Series 2 and Series 4 she was in, but i accidentally stumbled across it on TV and now I am addicted. So far I have watched all of series 3. ITS SO AMAZING. It’s like Doctor who but with Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane) instead…dgjponwpgnjwr. Its really scary aswell. Ok, a bit kiddish, but who cares I love it. It is most defitinely enough to keep Doctor Wh0 fans going until Christmas! Soooo yeah, next week I’m staying at a nearby beach place with my mummy ❤ and the week after I’m off to Croatia with my father! AHH!! It will be good :)!!

OH I almost forgot… I’m supposing that the theme each week we are are going by the same order as writers.. So seeing as Lily chose the last one, I do the next one?? Well if that is the case, then this week I choose this: Pick your top 3 people of youtube, link and embed some videos and explain why you love them so much. GO! And Lily i know your in France…but FORFEIT if  you don’t do it! aha xx