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Right, here is the dismal post I told you would appear.

For my AS levels I got:

Sociology: U

Eng. Lit: E

Art: D


So there we are; I’m stupid, lazy, self centred, unacademic, thick, dumb, everything else. I wasn’t expecting it to be great but I thought I’d get maybe a C in Art and English, jesus christ I fucked up. The thing is I’m only this annoyed cuz I’ve disappointed my mum and now she doesn’t like me, I don’t care about school at all. All last year I had no interest in any of my subjects, even Art, and I still don’t because I’ve realised that I don’t want this education, so I can go on to be educated more at uni and then work for most of my life. How can I try for good marks when that’s all there is? How the fuck does that inspire me to work hard? I can’t work hard for something I don’t want can I? I mean I want money, I want to be rich, but to me living comfortably for the price of being perpetually bored isn’t OK with me, I want to be happy and interested AND rich, but how’s that going to happen? Fucking hell. I know I’m just feeling sorry for myself but it helps cuz for the most part people don’t know I feel like this, it’s shit. I want to try and be good and get good marks but I can’t make myself 😦

Also Rhys is pissed off with me, so while I’m here I think I’ll just ask why? What have I done? As far as I know all I did was ask you to come down to Midhurst so we could get our results and cuz I wanted to see you, so as far as I can tell you’re pissed off because I asked you to wake up at a decent time. Sorry Rhys, but that’s not good enough. If it’s that much of a big deal then… I don’t know. It’s stupid, get over it.